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Modern East Asia: An Integrated History

Modern East Asia: An Integrated History - Jonathan N. Lipman,  Michael A. Robinson,  Barbara A. Molony There can't possibly a better introduction to modern history of East Asia. This is a well balanced, well constructed, and well written book, though somehow I wish for deeper analysis, since there are at times some questions I have that remain unanswered. On the other hand, this is a textbook and is intended for classroom use, so that issue is understandable.

Reading this period of history further confirms how much ignorant I have been. Finding out about one's own silliness (unfounded beliefs) is always marvelous. Moreover, this maybe a minor impact, but there are some moments in which I feel the ironic and cruel flow of time and history. Seeing how some traits of societies, (attitudes, traditions) sway while others hold is so much interesting.

Highly highly recommended for everyone not just history lovers. This is in fact a must-read.

S��ch tr���i t��� th��� k��� 17 cho t���i t���n 2010 (qu�� update), do ba gi��o s�� �����i h���c v��� ba n�����c H��n, T��u, Nh���t vi���t. R���t c��n b���ng gi���a c��� ba. M���i ch����ng chia c��ng r���t �����u, c��� kho���ng 40 trang v�� m���i n�����c 10 trang + th��m ph��n t��ch t��nh h��nh th��� gi���i v��o th���i ��i���m ���� + t��m t���t l�����c, vi���t v��� disapora (d��n nh���p di c�� c���a t���ng n�����c) v�� m���i quan h��� gi���a c��� khu v���c.

C��ch vi���t t���p trung v��o ch��u �� t���i n���i t��i ngh�� s��ch d��nh cho ng�����i m��nh �����c. V�� l�� s��ch gi��o khoa n��n th��ng tin ng���n g���n d��� hi���u v�� kh��ng b��y �����t qu�� nhi���u l�� gi���i, tranh c��i. Nh��ng c�� l��� c��ng ch��nh v�� th��� n��n th���nh tho���ng t��i h��i t��ng t���c v�� kh��ng hi���u t���i sao c�� n�����c ph��t tri���n th��� n��y, c�� n�����c ph��t tri���n th��� kia. Y���u t��� g�� �����ng sau th��c �����y? (T��i c��ng c�� so s��nh v���i VN nh��ng kh�� n��i v�� ch��a �����c s��� Vi���t t��� t��� =))). T��i c��ng kh��ng c���n c��u tr��� l���i k��� di���u, mang t��nh ��p d���ng cho t���t c���, nh��ng t��i ngh�� l��� ra n��n ch��� r�� h��n. ����ng m���t c��i c��c s��� ki���n di���n ra k���t n���i th�� c�� th���y nh���ng b���n ch���t s��� vi���c l�� g�� th�� h��i kh�� nh��n.

�����c quy���n n��y th���y m��nh ngu qu�� th���. Nhi���u quan ni���m/c��i nh��n c���a m��nh qu�� l�� n��ng c���n, �������c x��y d���ng ho��n to��n tr��n thi���u hi���u bi���t v�� t�����ng t�����ng, v�� d��� nh�� v��� Nh���t =) (t��i t�����ng t�����ng ���� l�� m���t �����t n�����c ho��n h���o - th��� nh��ng d�� nhi��n l�� c�� nhi���u v���n �����, nh��ng m�� kh��ng v�� th��� m�� b���t th��ch n�����c n��y, ch��� l�� t��nh y��u n�� c�� c�� s���, h���p l�� v�� b���n v���ng h��n th��i). V�� d�� nhi��n nh�� nhi���u quy���n s��� kh��c, �����c xong m���i bi���t t���i sao m��nh l���i c�� nh���ng suy ngh��/t�� t�����ng ���y, t���t c��� l�� do l���ch s��� t���o th��nh ch��� ch��� t��� nhi��n m�� c��, do con ng�����i t��� t���o n��n, t��� t��c �����ng. Nh��n t���o h���t c���, v�� ng�����i ta c��ng ng��y c��ng �� th���c �������c vai tr�� c���a h��� v���i l���ch s���, xoay chuy���n th��i ����� v�� suy ngh�� c���a c��� th��� h���. C�� nh���ng s��� thay �����i v��� th��i ����� c���a th��� gi���i v���i H��n/Nh���t/T��u li��n t��ng t���c c��� v��i ch���c n��m l���n (nh���t v���i Nh���t), r���t th�� v���.

S��ch c��n ����� c���p nhi���u t���i "ch��ng ta" v�� "ch��ng n��", s��� t�����ng t�����ng ra nh���ng kh��i ni���m nh�� "d��n t���c," "qu���c gia," "nh��n d��n," v.v v�� ���nh h�����ng c���a ch��ng sau n��y. R���i c��ng nh�� v��n h��a �� ��u giao thoa v�� ���nh h�����ng t���i nhau th��� n��o, "hi���n �����i" th��� n��o. C��i n��y kh��ng n��i ri��ng th��nh m���t m���c nh��ng �����c c��� s��ch s��� th���y to��n c���nh.

V�� ph���n cu���i r���t r���t update. �����n ��o���n n��y th�� c�� nhi���u ph��n t��ch h��n v��� s��� ph��t tri���n kinh t��� c��c n�����c. C��c t��c gi��� gi���i th��ch ho��n to��n d���a tr��n c��c y���u t��� thi��n th���i �����a l���i nh��n h��a, t���c l�� v��o ho��n c���nh ���y c�� nh���ng s��� ki���n n��y v�� ch��ng k���t h���p v���i nhau t���o k���t qu���, ch��� kh��ng n��i l�� do nguy��n nh��n g�� qu�� l�� s��u xa nh�� ki���u "�����o Kh���ng," "v��n h��a l��u �����i." V�� n��i ����ng ra nh�� ��� tr��n th�� v��n h��a c��ng T��y h��a r���t nhi���u r���i v�� nhi���u th��� trong v��n h��a ���� c��ng l�� t��� t���o trong th���i ��i���m g���n.