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Beloved - Toni Morrison Beautifully written. Until part 3, and something clicked. And then it did not work that well for me anymore.

Nevertheless, yes, still one of the best proses I've ever read. I borrowed this book from the library, a first edition and it seems to have many avid previous readers. There are underlines, notes on the margins, bullet points, summaries, everywhere. At first I was annoyed. But eventually those notes assisted me in my reading. It was not an easy read, because it was super subtle. Sometimes the meaning of a whole passage is contained within just that one single adjective, and if you don't get it, you lose it. After about a half of the book, it became less so, less full of allusion, since the secret was already out. But still, I mean it, Beloved requires a careful read.

Morrison seems to write effortlessly (but of course it was not the case). Viewpoints change and switch back swiftly, between characters, between third-person the reader and first-person the actor. Past and present fuse to the point that I thought they simply could not be separated, they have even become one. The past, it is like a curse, a clinging punishment, that haunted and obsessed Sethe for almost twenty years even though she refused to talk about it. She did not deal with it, with her fear, and so she was not released from it, it did not let her go. She still lived in it. Denver, in turns, was stuck in time. She did not experience an eventful past, did not try to run away from it, but she could not have any future ever. She sticked to a few precious memories that made her her. But how could that be enough? She was trapped in time, in the very present moment, and trapped in space as well. It was only at the end of the book that there was now finally a sense of future. The present and the future are no longer wrapped up so violently by the painful past.

I could not tell exactly right now what I felt about the ending of the book that made it less appealing to me. After all, it is a happy ending, somewhat. The past could not change and it still hurts, but at least it does not eat them up and becomes scars only. I don't know, I don't know. When I know, I'll tell.