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The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business - Charles Duhigg I hesitated a lot with this book and in the end I decided to be generous, and to let my friends know this is an interesting topic.

Had this book focused more on individual's habit, had it not tried too hard to frame the "habit" into a bigger picture of organization and society(which I felt very forced and not so useful), and had its writing been less of the style that I dread the most - the Tipping Point's type of writing, less casual, less shallow, I would have enjoyed it more.

That said the book has a lot of potential (unfortunately not adequately realized). The topic itself is wonderful. Habit is such a magical thing and understanding it is crucial to our life. Because understanding it helps us to be aware of our hidden habits and to make appropriate changes if needed. The author does provide a few great illuminating stories, though regretfully he does not dwell in them. I guess after all the book is edited for lay audience.

About habits, I have heard a lot of complaints like: I just can't do it, I tried a lot but I just could not. Bleh. I know changing habits is tough, because we all experience it, to some degree, but I believe it's very possible. Not so many of us fall in the extreme cases of heavy addiction to something, I think. And therefore, we are completely capable of honing our habits. I deeply respect and admire self-disciplined people. Will is what matters, how you want to change and work towards that change.