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How We Survived Communism and Even Laughed - Slavenka Drakulić Good pieces of writings on life and lives under communism.

I agree with the author that her title is wrong. Whether these people "survived" the regime is doubtful. They did live through it, but survived? Not so sure. Did they laugh? Hardly. They may have laughed bitterly on som occasions, but overall they drowned in pain and sadness.

I like the book for its specific focus on women and their often-ignored domestic life. However, the book was not able to deliver the complete picture, the essence of the deadly tedious, repetitive, mundane daily life. Drakulic was not so helpful in showing us the ordinary woman, but generalized from her own experience, her class's (intellectuals). Yes, hers were sad stories and provided some valuable insights, but I need more.

Another thing, maybe simply my own preference, I dislike the way she chose to emphasize this or that phenomenon is particular to, say, Yuglosavs, Croats, or Hungarians, etc; the way she considered "her" stories unique compared to the background of her audience. But I think these kinds of experiences are universal, they can be found in many places, at many times, around the world, throughout our history. The thing is to open your eyes wider and notice.