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Eon  - Alison Goodman Usually I'm not fond of stories set in Eastern world but written in English. The reason is kinda stupid, but one I can ignore: language. I come from the same region, some Chinese names/titles/places (translated in my language-pretty close to Chinese though) are so fixed in my mind that I just ... don't like the Western version. This is such a huge barrier. Argh. I suffer the same symptoms reading [b:Where the Mountain Meets the Moon|5983694|Where the Mountain Meets the Moon|Grace Lin|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1344265026s/5983694.jpg|6157354]. The traditional storytelling style is adapted to English and I feel there is a big problem. But luckily, the plot pulls me through. Eon is the same. My discomfort remains but it does not yell that loudly and I learn to get a long with it. Eon turns out to be wonderful as well.

Fantastic world building. Lots of actions and plenty of magic. I am not particularly fond of Eon, mostly due to her stubborness and quite narrow-mindedness (have a little imagination, pls), but I don't hate her either. She is very credible and while not ver loveable, very admirable.