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And All the Stars - Andrea K. Höst Almost 4 stars for being totally different from any other YA I have read, but then in the end 3 stars only for being not likeable enough for me (just personal taste I guess).

And All the Stars is about a group of young people infected by an alien dust that makes them have some kinds of superpower, but also makes them habitable for the aliens. The whole book is about their journey (seven characters I think?) but it mostly focuses on Madeleine. Our characters are varied in genders, races, characters and this is the very thing that I like about the book. None of the cast is all-great, all-cool, which is another plus. The book, however, is rather short, so each character is not really firmly built, but good enough anyway.

On the other hand, I have no emotion reading the book at all. Well, there is some interest that keeps me finishing it, but it is curiosity, what's gonna happen, how's the author gonna solve it? But that's it. I don't really care what will happen to these young people. I'm not particularly attached to anyone ;(.

There is a twist at about 3/4 of the book, which is quite a wow, but I think Host should have taken more advantage of it. Or maybe it's all about emotions again, I feel nothing! Damn. And I really want to feel something, because this book is not annoying at all, it has such a uniqueness that I appreciate so much. Damn. What's wrong with me?