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The Houses of History: A Critical Reader in Twentieth-Century History and Theory
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The Fountainhead - Leonard Peikoff, Ayn Rand Warning: Never finish this book. Contains some offensive words due to personal hatred.

Heheh, I plan that one day when I have a lot of free time, nothing meaningful to do at all, I will read this. But then, right, why should I torment myself with something I can't stand?

Again, some of my friends showed their tremendous interest in this book, a few years ago. So many hail this book, consider it a Bible, this huge thick book of Ayn Rand. I was like... "Wow, it must be great, let's see. What an intellectual one. A man who challenges everything against him. How brave. What a hero, etc, etc."

I read the introduction.

I read the first chapter.

I threw it away.

Damn. I hate this main character. I hate him so much that I want to vomit. Talking about architecture style in the early 20th century is even more ridiculous, the so-called Functionalism which led to nowhere. No decoration, nothing ostenstatious, give a shit to what is beautiful and artsy in those old buildings. I was boistered with rage (as an art lover). And then I'm disgusted by his attitude to traditions and history and other people (as a human). Right, that was why this book is so appealing to us (not me): let's defy all traditions, defy all authorities, defy the past, (which is too extreme and stupid), live the way you are, live for yourself only (that's still ok to some extent) AND (subtly and secretly) annoy/look down on others (that's so not ok), blah blah blah...

Er, nice day to give some fun reviews. That's all.