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The Houses of History: A Critical Reader in Twentieth-Century History and Theory
The Complete Calvin and Hobbes
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The Book of Lost Things - John Connolly Warning: This is not a children's book. It includes several too brutal scenes to be read for kids.

I was told that this is a fairy tale for adult. I was expecting something like [b:Momo|68811|Momo|Michael Ende|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1170700281s/68811.jpg|517524], but it failed to meet my expectation. I kept reading and reading out of curiosity to find out the conclusion, to figure out a good, I don't know, reason?, a link?, that connects all the stories and characters featured during David's adventure. Unfortunately, I struggle to see the book as a complete product. It tries to include the old stories, old villains and old heros/heroines; then reimagines them. But in the process it becomes quite loose, disconnected, and sometimes meaningless.

It is like a dream, with a somewhat forced message. And yet not a bad dream, and not too bad message either, and the writing is sometimes pleansant.