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The Perks of Being a Wallflower - Stephen Chbosky I tried to like it, but I just could not. I guess it's my fault, since I picked this book up expecting to read about a very cool kid. A kid with problems, obviously, but a cool one anyway, someone like Patrick (the only one I like in the book?). But I would not mind reading a fucked up personality, either, as long as I feel the character convincing enough. And this book failed to do so for me.

I just get annoyed with Charlie. He's just not real. He's too fictive a creation, so fake a character, which is badly made up by the author and provided with such an "innocent" and seemingly "truthful" voice to appeal to readers (not successful with me, though). I was dumbfounded trying to match a fifteen-year-old boy with his eight-year-old thoughts. I had hard time trying to ignore his crying, digesting his smart insights into life. Those insights are supposed to be revealing, they are seen from a completely innocent, crystal lens, right? I feel nothing...

The writing is just horrible,... too forced. Classic mistake, telling more than showing.