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The Catcher in the Rye - J.D. Salinger Warning: Not a review. Only a personal experience.

Now, this is one of the first books I read in English. That was maybe 5, 6 years ago. One classmate had it in her hand, a rather dull self-printed-out version (original English version was too expensive for us students), but she devoured it happily and tugged it with herself a few days. I was impressed. So, I printed it out and imagined myself enjoying it too. Welcome to the literary world (I was kinda new then).

Shit, that never came. I was lying on bed holding a hundred A4 pages, feeling mortified, when my older sister asked:
- What do you have all evening? (She saw my torturous facial expression)
- A book my friend and tons of people seem to enjoy. It seems famous too and many's favorites (sorry, this was already late high school but we did not have western education).
- What is it about?
- Well, there is this boy and this is one of his days. He talks and whines about it. (I grimaced)
- So? (She laughed)
- Er...
- Is it... interesting? (still laughing)
- Er... No. It does not even make sense to me why a book is written out of this.
- So why are you reading it?
- You're right.

So I discarded it, regretting the money I paid for printing. The next few days, another classmate asked me about it. I told her, "This book (I mumbled) The rye in the catcher... (the other classmate hissed Cather in the rye), I did not get it... It is supposed to be influential for teenagers. But I am famous for being childish, immature, slow growth, lazy thinking, shallow, whatever, right? So, I dropped it."

A few years later, when I went to college, I picked up the book once again. Come on, everyone read it. I was kinda embarrassed that I did not, so I tried one more time, testing whether I was a bit more grown up to "feel" it then.

This time I did finish the book. But well, same thing happened (shrug). I did not get what was the point and did not even bother to read other reviews/critics to understand to find out the reasons for my indifference. That was the extent how much the book did not interest me. Because I think the blame was on me, I shyly rated it 3 stars.

Now, that's funny. I never connected to this teenager. Why should I be afraid to show that I never got it? So, here it is. 1 star.