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Tigana - Guy Gavriel Kay I don't know where to start. I don't know how to tell how deeply this story affects me, and how much I want to share that experience with you, too, whoever you are.

It sometimes nags my mind that none of my friends is that interested in fantasy. I struggle somewhat to understand why. Is that me? Is that because we assume that people who love fantasy happen to be ones who hate looking into real world and want to escape into some dreamy landscapes?

That is true, but only part of the reason. For fantasy as a genre offers more than mere entertainment. We have stories that are set in another realm with magic and powers and orders, but they are all still about human, and sometimes by borrowing those strange elements from the other world, they bring us closer to undersand ourselves, to realize how very similar, how universal & eternal some truths are. Despite space and time, they ring true, very true.

Tigana is one such powerful story that I am sure will appeal to more than fantasy fans. It touches many issues and discusses them in many levels. It focuses on characters, their feelings, their morals. It talks about society, culture, identity. It talks a great deal not lightheartedly. It reminds you of real things in real world. It was, as many other works of Guy Gavriel Kay, inspired by history, by our world.

I would urge you, whoever you are, to pick up this book, and read, with me, and learn, with me, about history, about war and loss, love and grief, yes, and learn about us.