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Mexico's Economic Dilemma: The Developmental Failure of Neoliberalism

Mexico's Economic Dilemma: The Developmental Failure of Neoliberalism - James M. Cypher This book provides a quite thorough investigation into Mexico's economy in the last three decades within just 200 pages (remarkable!). As the book's title already suggests, Cypher seeks to convince readers of the failure of the developmental strategies embraced by Mexican government and encouraged by a number of international and U.S organizations and entities, since 1983, which is the neoliberalism, or I prefer to word it - the "extreme pro-market."

Now, this is a perfect follow-up after "Bad Samaritans." If "Bad Samaritans" is too much geared towards general pop, and its arguments, therefore, remain debatable and I feel quite suspicious at times, "Mexico's Economic Dilemma" is a strong proof to back up the first impression I got from BS. Well, that does not mean that Cypher answers all the questions I have, but still he is able to dig very deep into a particular case country and then to show how "market" does not work, at all, under those circumstances. Very carefully studied and quite clearly presented, this book turns out to be not such a hard read and I even find it captivating sometimes.