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Un Lun Dun - China Miéville Interesting story. One trivial fact is that I am totally in love with the illustrations and the cover.

I am pretty content with the fact that the Un-chosen one is the hero in this book. I thought of the very cliches that the book would have created at the beginning, with all kinds of signs specifically aiming at Zanna only. But after a while, the story got better. The journeys for Deeba to get the UnGun was pretty unexpected, too. Skipping all the boring, predictable stages, our little girl jumped straight to the final play, smartly. While the UnGun's first six shots were quite fun for me, the deciding, the last one in the battle against Smog was not that impressive (I thought of the method pretty much from the start). Still, the book is quite a worthwhile adventure. (Plus there were some cute moments between Deeba and Hemi)

On the other hand, I think I am not really into this kind of steampunk thing. Sometimes there are too many things confusing for me. yes, those things display the author's striking imagination. But I feel that at times tedious descriptive passages got in my way. The same goes with unending betrayals. I just got fed up with them. Can't there be other reasons, other obstacles BESIDES betrayal, pls? Furthermore, while the environment implication is praiseworthy, it somehow makes the book less attractive. Probably the "lesson" is a little bit too blatant?

Still, I admire the author's creativity.